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ICEE Adds HR Audit Practice to Human Capital Services

Much has changed in 20 years. Two HR standards veterans believe it’s time for organizations to benchmark their current human capital management structures against the most effective processes based on 12 ISO human capital standards that have recently emerged. 
Over the last several years, ISO has published 12 standards that create a unique opportunity for organizations to benchmark and potentially update their human capital management practices to better align with organizational objectives and create a better experience for all stakeholders. These standards encompass not only human resources standards but also all stakeholders, hence the term human capital. 
As the first organization devoted to certification in human capital standards with its ISO 10018 Quality People Management certification, the International Center for Enterprise Engagement (ICEE) is offering the first 21st century Human Capital Audit service to help organizations benchmark their current practices against most effective practices based on the 12 ISO standards and latest research.
Says ICEE co-founder Dr. Ron McKinley: “Leading investors, pension fund managers, academics and a growing number of organizations now recognize that human capital may be one of the least effectively managed resources in their organizations. What many lack is a roadmap of how to make the connection between human capital investments and positive measurable outcomes. Over the last few years, ISO has created 12 standards that address various elements of human capital management that provide a framework for the 21st century human resources organization.” (see ESM: “Effective Practices for Everyone: 9 Human Capital Standards Now Available from ISO”). In addition to his role at ICEE, Dr. McKinley is Chair of the ISO HR 260 Committee, Liaison with the ISO 10018 Working Group and Chief Standards Officer and Director of Standards at the Healthcare Management Institute of the University of Texas Medical Branch. 
McKinley believes that there’s a growing urgency because people increasingly want to invest in and do business with organizations that have a strategic focus on people. “ISO practices not only are proven to improve processes and outcomes, they also mitigate the risk of the loss of valuable talent, customers, distribution partners, or vendors, as well as accidents, product liability and other litigation issues, not to mention corporate reputation.” 
Explains Lee Webster, ICEE co-founder and Secretary of ISO HR 260 Committee on human resources standards, “While many industries and professions have been disrupted by major changes over the last decade or more, the human resources field has talked a lot about disruption, but little appears to have changed. Whether or not an organization seeks ISO certification, it can benefit from worldwide respected effective practices developed through a consensus-based process involving usually dozens of countries and hundreds of experts representing all sides of a question. These new standards provide the first opportunity for organizations of any size to benchmark themselves against effective practices that reflect the 21st century.” Webster is also Director of Standards at the Healthcare Management Institute of the University of Texas Medical Branch. 
So what is new about these ISO standards? McKinley elaborates: “The major contribution of ISO standards is to apply a systematic approach to elements that are often disconnected or even siloed in organizations. ISO standards have helped improve quality and safety precisely because they looked at the processes necessary to have better outcomes. Only until just the last decade, ISO had overlooked the need to have a similar systematic approach to people with clear return-on-investment measures, whether quantitative in terms of financial results, productivity, quality, retention, absence of litigation and other claims, or qualitative in terms of better overall experiences for all stakeholders. We can help organizations of almost any size audit their human capital entity to ensure it aligns with effective practices and can help recommend solutions based on the gap analysis and potential return-on-investment on potential measures.”
Says Bruce Bolger, President of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at, which provides education development and outreach services for ICEE: “The timing of this new service could not be better, since so many organizations have not had a completely updated objective, open-source benchmark for years against which to assess not only their human resources operations, but their entire human capital strategy as well, encompassing employees, customers, vendors, distribution partners and other constituencies. With its practical management experience with organizations large and small, and with its knowledge of ISO Annex SL and ISO 10018 and the 10 new ISO HR standards, of which few organizations are yet aware, there simply is no organization better qualified than ICEE to provide this service.” 

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