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New Engagement Agency Total Rewards Solution Offers Employees a Personal Prosperity Assistant

In conjunction with ProsperBridge, an Enterprise Engagement Alliance supplier member, the Engagement Agency offers organizations a complete benefits package with a unique addition: a trained Personal Prosperity Assistant who checks in with participating employees each month on a scheduled basis to assist with their financial and related wellbeing. The service is part of a Total Rewards 2.0 benefits package available from the Engagement Agency that also includes access to the KART employee discount program from CarltonOne Engagement and other employee benefit services. 
ProsperbridgeTime-stretched human resources departments can take advantage of a new Total Rewards solution that includes a trained Personal Prosperity Assistant assigned to each participating employee. The PPA checks in on a scheduled, confidential basis each month to assist with financial, health, or related issues as well as on the employee’s general well-being. While ensuring complete confidentiality to the employee, the service helps organizations not only address underlying financial, health, family or related stressors but also detect patterns of dissatisfaction or other warning signals. 
ProsperBridge is a “social benefit organization partnering with employers to create personalized pathways to financial progress for every member of their team.” The program includes a Personal Prosperity Assistant (PPA) to establish and manage a financial plan based on each individual’s situation and goals; an interactive software platform that automatically gathers and organizes an individual’s monthly expenditures by category to establish and maintain a monthly budget and provide information on other financial needs, and a Capital Solutions suite that includes a bank account, a $2,000 credit line requiring no credit checks, and the ability to access additional emergency interest-free loans. See ESM: ProsperBridge Addresses Top Employee Stressor: Financial Insecurity.
In addition, the trained ProsperBridge PPA can help ensure that employees are aware of all their organization’s benefit packages and check in about the overall state of mind of employees to identify the need for additional support within the organization from management or other resources. The one-half hour monthly meeting, scheduled during work hours, provides vital support to personnel-stretched human resources departments, which often don’t have the personnel to check in each month with employees. 
DiCiccoExplains Jervis DiCicco, Co-Founder with Maggie Drucker, of ProsperBridge, “Even before the pandemic, many HR departments were hard-pressed to find the time to regularly check in with each employee. Now, with work-from-home, or some hybrid of that becoming the new normal, a personal contact is more important than ever. We can help employees address the key financial and related issues causing them stress and distracting them from work at the same time as we help them take advantage of all the organization’s resources available to address morale and related issues.” 
The service, available through the Engagement Agency’s managed outsourcing services or directly from ProsperBridge, also includes other employee benefits, including the KART discount program for employees, offering discounts and free short-term credit to many of the world’s most popular brands. 
According to its parent company, CarltonOne Engagement, KART’s “RightPrice” artificial intelligence (AI) platform “continually price checks the largest online stores. And then we undercut those prices, lower than retail and better than web shopping.” Employees can activate a deal finder to receive “AI-personalized deal notifications.” The pricing is only available to employees participating in CarltonONE KART, Evergrow or Power2Motivate engagement programs and therefore are not visible to consumers, the company says.
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