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EEA 2023 Focus: Stakeholder Engagement Implementation

While business and political pundits battle out the high-level issues related to Environment, Social, Governance (ESG), the Enterprise Engagement Alliance focuses specifically on the implementation of systems and technologies that support the benefits of fostering the proactive involvement of all the stakeholders who contribute to organizational success.
By Bruce Bolger

EEA 2022 Outreach, Education, New Product Accomplishments
EEA 2023 Services to Help Organizations Benefit From Stakeholder Engagement
The Enterprise Engagement Alliance will never ask for your support: to the contrary, we’re here to support anyone in management worldwide with free information, learning programs, publicity through our media for your organization’s news related to implementation of employee, customer, and other stakeholder engagement strategies; business development services and training for solution providers, and stakeholder management learning and advisory services for organizations of all sizes, investors, private equity and venture capital companies.  
We make money by creating value for organizations seeking to profit from a strategic and systematic approach to people management across the enterprise, not donations.
The mission of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance is to help professionals, organizations, and their solution providers profit from a transformational shift in business as significant as the move to total quality management in the 1990s--now a bedrock principle used in millions of factories around the world.  

These strategies are more relevant than ever based on pressure from investors, customers, employees, communities, and other stakeholders, especially now that new European Union Corporate Sustainability Reporting mandates promise to have the same impact on US stakeholder management disclosures as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), which apply to any company with more than 250 employees that holds data of EU citizens. (Major US companies have already paid steep fines for non-compliance.)

EEA 2022 Outreach, Education, New Product Accomplishments

Over the last year, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance has advanced its mission and those of its community through:

EEA 2023 Services to Help Organizations Benefit From Stakeholder Engagement

1. Integrated Media and Storefront Programs to Engage and Educate 20,000 Professionals a Month in All Areas of Business 2. Education for You on Your Team on the Principles of Stakeholder Management and Human Capital Reporting
  • If you and your team are ready to walk the talk on stakeholder management process design, measurement, implementation, continuous improvement, reporting, you’re a true innovator, because the EEA offers the only known formal education on this subject.
  • With a faculty of renowned leaders in Stakeholder Management from the academic and business world, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at has created literally the only formal professional education program on the practical implementation of Stakeholder Engagement.
  • Starting at $1,050 the corporate EEA curriculum membership not only provides the most comprehensive self-learning program including a reference library of six books but the opportunity for formal certification.
  • Town hall meetings and authentic experiences—Facilitation of town-hall style meetings to enhance engagement and crowdsource knowledge based on the meeting agenda, and highly personalized “short escapes” excursions near popular destinations that enable small groups or individuals to have personal discoveries of local cultures and nature that add a third, emotional dimension to any business trip.
3. Stakeholder Management Reporting and Analysis
  • The Enterprise Engagement Alliance has created perhaps the world’s only human capital management and reporting development and analysis process for both senior management and investors seeking to profit from a strategic approach to people management across the enterprise. Using processes like those long deployed in total quality management on shop floors at millions of companies around the world, the EEA stakeholder management approach addresses the interests of all stakeholders drawing upon ISO 30414 Human Capital and ISO 10018 People Engagement standards to enhance comparability.
  • Strategic stakeholder management processes to enhance performance and to address the growing demands from investors, customers, employees, and governments for disclosures on people management, including an organization’s purpose, the goals of stakeholder engagement practices, metrics, and continuous improvement processes.
  • A simple transparent process for analyzing and comparing human capital management reporting and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) of companies for investors, private equity, and venture capital firms. 
4. Fully Integrated Business Development for Engagement and Total Rewards
  • Enhance your business through strategic business plan development and implementation for Stakeholder Management and Total Rewards companies, including brand purpose refinement; integrated blog, social media, and e-newsletter campaigns managed by content marketing experts, and expert web site and marketing material development, including PDFs, decks, videos, speeches, digital and print books.
  • Benefit from stakeholder management advisory services for organizations seeking to implement a strategic approach to stakeholder management and human capital reporting, or who must comply with new EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting requirements.
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1. Professional Education on Stakeholder Management and Total Rewards
2. Media 3. Fully Integrated Business Development for Engagement and Total Rewards
Business Development for Stakeholder Management and Total Rewards solution providers, including Integrated blog, social media, and e-newsletter campaigns managed by content marketing experts.
4. Advisory Services for Organizations

Stakeholder Management Business Plans Human Capital Management, Metrics, and Reporting for organizations, including ISO human capital certifications, and services for solution providers.
5. Outreach in the US and Around the World on Stakeholder Management and Total Rewards
The EEA promotes a strategic approach to people management and total rewards through its e-newsletters, web sites, and social media reaching 20,000 professionals a month and through other activities, such as:
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