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EEA YouTube Show: Is Your Marketing Broken, and, If So, How to Fix It

This Enterprise Engagement Alliance EEA YouTube show on Oct. 12 at 1 pm ET brings together principles of leading business to business marketing agencies to discuss the state of marketing today and if and how it can be improved.

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A Humble Guide to Fixing Everything in Brand, Marketing, And Sales, the new book by Bret Starr, Founder in 1999 of HR tech marketing firm Starr Conspiracy, seeks to answer the question troubling the veteran marketer: “why your marketing sh*t is broken. The blocking and tackling is over and the road to hell is paved with performance optimizations.”
The next generation of business-to-business marketing will be the general theme of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance Linkedin Live YouTube show on Oct. 12 at 1 pm ET featuring veteran business-to-business marketers. The session is designed for anyone in business development seeking more strategic, systematic, and measurable way to engage and build relationships with customers and the people most likely to buy.
Register here if you wish to pose questions to the panelists in a live program on Oct. 12 at 1 pm. Otherwise, the show will be available shortly after the live event on the EEA YouTube show library and summarized in an ESM report. 
This Enterprise Engagement Alliance YouTube show addresses the state of business-to-business marketing today through insights from four veterans of business to business marketing: Rachel Cogar Yeakley, Founder and CEO of North Carolina-based RCY Labs; Eric Holtzclaw, Founder and CEO of Liger, in Georgia and Bret Starr, Founder and CEO of the Starr Conspiracy, and the program host Bruce Bolger, Founder and CEO of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, the think tank for stakeholder management implementation, and a specialist in permission-based content marketing since 1996. 
This show will address:

  • The key advice these marketers would share with their clients today.
  • The state of marketing efficiency today—have the Internet and CRM (customer relationship management) delivered on the promise of greater efficiency?
  • Business leaders have talked for decades about better coordination between sales and marketing. How much progress have we made?
  • Are the types of processes and metrics used to measure business development relevant today?
  • Bret Starr in his book talks about taking a holistic approach to marketing that engages people before the sale.  What does that mean?
  • Starr, Holtzclaw and Cogar Yeakley talk about the need to build relationships with people before they are in a buying mode?  How does on do that?
  • How important is the customer experience after the sale and how much attention is typically paid to people after the sale?
  • Companies spend a lot making promises. How much focus is put on keeping them and how does that affect sales?
About the Panelists
Eric V. Holtzclaw is Founding Partner of Liger, a full-service B2B marketing firm that says it has set out to save the world from boring, broken marketing. Holtzclaw and his team of Ligers bring unconventional thinking and creativity to make unknown brands known and stand out against their competition.
He is a founding member of multiple successful start-up companies, including one of the first profitable Internet enterprises, serves as a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies and small business owners alike.
Holtzclaw uses his extensive experience starting, growing, and running his own businesses in concert with a knowledge base from over a decade of business and consumer interviews to accelerate a deeper understanding of the true behaviors, motivations, goals, preferences and expectations of customers and teams.
Bret Starr, author of the new book, A Humble Guide to Fixing Everything in Brand, Marketing, And Sales, founded The Starr Conspiracy agency 20 years ago, which he says now has 50 team members, with offices in Fort Worth and San Francisco. He says it has worked with nearly a thousand clients and has helped clients “become market leaders by pushing the boundaries of brand, marketing, and sales experience (and our agency has played a modest role in the success of many of the most successful work tech brands in history), from boot-strapped start-ups to leading brands.”
As a Managing Partner at RCY Labs, Rachel Cogar Yeakley helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders scale their businesses and amplify their impact by leveraging her 20 plus years of experience as a global corporate consultant, a HubSpot Platinum Partner, and an international public speaker to deliver profit-driven, C-suite strategies and solutions. She says she has helped generate over $3.5 billion in revenue for her clients over the past three years, and more than 80% of them have been part of mergers and acquisitions, funding, private equity, IPOs, and exits. Her company offers courses, sales training, and corporate consulting services that empower her clients to sustainably grow, multiply their bottom line, and achieve their goals with fun and ease. She was featured in an EEA YouTube show last year, How to Increase Your Sales and Profits Through Effective B2B Marketing.
Bolger, host of the EEA YouTube series, founded one of the first content marketing agencies in 1996 known as Selling Communications, which started offering information on demand for target marketing purposes via fax even before the arrival of the internet. In 1996, it launched, one of the first online-publishing services still online today on ESM, with the same business model more narrowly focused on enterprise engagement in business. Today, Bolger’s Enterprise Engagement Alliance is a think tank, learning platform, business development agency, and managed outsourcing company for the emerging field of stakeholder management and recently published this checklist to help organizations benchmark the effectiveness of their marketing practices in the era of permission-based marketing and sustainability. 

Register here if you wish to pose questions to the panelists in a live program on Oct. 12 at 1 pm. Otherwise, the show will be available shortly after the live event on the EEA YouTube show library and summarized in an ESM report. 

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