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Dave Ulrich on the State of Effective Human Resources Management: EEA YouTube Show, Nov. 6, 1 PM Eastern

Dave UlrichThree years have passed since David Ulrich helped kick off the Enterprise Engagement Alliance YouTube insight and how-to shows on effective stakeholder management across the enterprise. He shared information on the business operating model his RBL Institute has developed to help human resources move from a sunk cost to a source of value creation. Ulrich returns to the EEA YouTube show program for an update on his mission. Click here to register for the live event. 
Almost anyone aware of Dave Ulrich, University of Michigan, Stephen M. Ross School of Business and Co-Founder & Principal of The RBL Group and RBL Institute, knows that he is passionate about the role the human resources profession can play in value creation. While the concept of business operating systems has existed for decades in both businesses and in total quality management, Ulrich appears to be among the earliest to apply a formal operating system for human resources connected to the purpose, goals, and objectives of the organization. He was also among the first in human resources to embrace a stakeholder approach to management—that is, better aligning or harmonizing the interests of all stakeholders rather than the siloed approach that plagues many organizations today.
With 15 books and over 100 research and white papers and articles published, Ulrich is probably the unmatched advocate for a strategic and systematic approach to people management focused on value creation.
This upcoming Enterprise Engagement Alliance YouTube Show, The State of Effective Human Resources Management, Mon., Nov. 6 at 1 PM ET US, will address Ulrich’s views on the state of value creation in human resources and overall stakeholder management and the degree to which formal operating systems are beginning to emerge in human resources and the profession at large. Click here to register for the live event, in which attendees can ask questions. Otherwise, a show recap and link to the YouTube show will be featured in ESM.
The show will address:
  • The essence of Ulrich’s approach to HR management.
  • The history and evolution of his thinking and what makes it unique.
  • The process used to develop the framework.
  • What is the state of HR management today, benchmarked against this systematic approach that views HR as a source of value creation versus a sunk cost.
  • What do you believe is the state of value creation in HR today—are people still viewed as a cost or an investment in the average organization based on how they are managed, not perceived?
  • How does management of people change when they are viewed as an asset rather than as a fixed cost?
  • Does HR get a sufficient view of how it is seen by its external and internal customers—i.e., other stakeholders?
  • What is the impact of this growing focus on stakeholder management and value creation on the HR profession and the skills required?
In a report published earlier this year, What Makes an Effective HR Function, Ulrich writes.
“Attention to people and organization issues has increased with the COVID pandemic, subsequent mental health and well-being concerns, and clear evidence of the impact of people and organization on stakeholder value. In light of this attention, many consulting firms are exploring the HR operating model for how to build an effective HR function to respond to these trends. We see some commonalities in these approaches, including an overemphasis on HR structure, agility as the primary capability, and the employee as the primary customer of HR.  Based on our research and experience, we propose an HR value logic that defines what makes an effective HR function so that value is created for all stakeholders. We use ‘HR function’ as a broad term to refer to the HR department, mission, purpose, design, analytics, and people.”
Click here to register for the live event, in which attendees can ask questions. Otherwise, a show recap and link to the YouTube show will be featured in ESM.

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