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EEA Launches Referral Program for Stakeholder Implementation Services

EEAThe Enterprise Engagement Alliance has launched a referral program offering significant opportunities for professionals and their clients to earn ongoing fees or discounts as part of its new referral program for its services and those of its preferred solution providers and others as needed. The recurring referral fees or client discounts can total in the hundreds to thousands of dollars a year, and be in the form of cash, a wide choice of popular retail gift cards or a merchandise gift or travel experience curated specifically for you or the recipient.

The Referral Offer
How the EEA Creates Value

Click here for links to information about EEA preferred engagement solution providers.
To help foster the emerging marketplace for a strategic and systematic approach to engagement across the enterprise, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance has launched a referral program offering significant earnings for those who refer companies seeking concrete solutions related to almost any engagement challenge addressed by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s four main services and potentially to those of its preferred solution providers or others.
The EEA can help almost any size organization, government or non-government organization achieve strategic and tactical goals by engaging key stakeholders using the latest design and measurement processes, keeping your teams informed with the latest trends, solutions, and research, and helping solution providers enhance their business development outcomes.
Services for EEA preferred solution providers include strategic stakeholder engagement design, measurement, implementation, and corporate sustainability reporting or business development services or any tactical element of engagement including assessment and feedback, communication, technology, rewards and recognition, meetings and incentives, DEI (diversity, equity, reporting), analytics, public speaking and more.
Click here to make a referral to the Enterprise Engagement Alliance. Click here for an overview of EEA preferred solution providers; click here for details on enterprise engagement solutions, and here for rewards solutions. See below for more details on EEA services. To manage the referral program, the EEA is using the Fasteezy referral widget of one of its preferred solution providers, Incentco
According to Bruce Bolger, Founder of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, “as more organizations seek to align and integrate their various engagement tactics across stakeholders, and pursue more return-on- investment analysis, many will wish to take a fresh approach to the types of solutions they are using to achieve which goals. This referral platform is designed to help give organizations and professionals the impetus to add value with new solutions."
The program is available to any company or independent advisors, representatives, or other independent professionals. While the referral fee is not available for professionals seeking services for their own organizations, they may apply the offer as a discount for their own EEA program or use the gift card or experience as an incentive or gift for one of the organization's stakeholders. 

The Referral Offer

To kick off the program, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance is offering a 7.5% referral fee on its own services, which range from a $425 annual membership to business development and corporate sustainability services exceeding $50,000 a year. The company referred receives a matching 7.5% discount the first year, and 5% for two additional years.
The referral fee calculation applies to the gross revenue of any sale minus a credit card fee if applicable. In addition, the individual and client receives 5% of the revenue for the two following years unless barred by his or her organization’s policies. In this case, a donation is offered to the charity of the company's choice using EEA preferred solution provider, CharityChoice. The recurring referral fees can total in the hundreds to thousands of dollars a year, and be in the form of cash, a wide choice of popular retail gift cards or a merchandise gift or travel experience curated specifically for you or the recipient.
For individuals making a referral within their own organization, the organization will receive the referral fee plus the matching company discount to be applied as a discount, or as a gift card or curated merchandise and travel award, meaning that a personal planner will assist in award planning.
The referral payment is made within 10 business days of receipt of payment from the company and is good for three years unless the referrer is barred for any reason by his or her company for accepting it.
Other conditions. Referral fees are guaranteed from six months of receipt of the referral by the EEA; thereafter, they will be paid at the discretion of the EEA based on the current situation. 
Reward options. Recipients have the choice of a cash payment; a gift card to a retailer of their choice of the same face value; or a customized experience curated by travel experts provided by in the form of an evening out to a trip, or a specially selected merchandise gift, based on the dollar equivalent of the finder's fee. If the individual does not like the proposed curated gift, he or she may opt for the cash for gift card offer. 
Other engagement solutions. In addition, people who know of a company with a specific need in any area of engagement can contact the Enterprise Engagement Alliance for assistance finding the best possible solution at no cost and those with a referral fee if available. (See below for contact information.) The EEA is not responsible for finders fee arrangements except for its own products and services.

How the EEA Creates Value

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance is the world’s only think tank dedicated specifically to promoting a strategic and systematic approach to enhancing any organization’s results by creating value for employees, customers, supply chain and distribution partners, and communities. The process is based on the same principles as total quality management and usually saves money in the long run by enhancing the efficiency of many of the marketing, human resources, and other measurement systems organizations already have in place. 

We help organizations achieve their goals through:
1. Learning and professional outreach. Enterprise Engagement individual ($425), corporate $1,050), or solution provider enrollment ($1,500-$3,000) provide the only formal professional learning program on stakeholder engagement, analytics, and reporting anywhere in the world, and the ability to demonstrate one’s expertise through EEA media properties.
2. Stakeholder management and reporting implementation. Stakeholder management advisory, meeting facilitation and speaking, and corporate sustainability reporting services, ranging from $2,500 to $50,000 and up help organizations grasp the basic framework, economics, implementation framework, and auditable corporate sustainability reporting, along with a confidential gap analysis to begin their journeys. 
3. Targeted business development through branding and content marketing for solution providers. The EEA offers a compelling combination of respected business media leadership in enterprise engagement and total rewards along with a complete content marketing service enabling organizations to cost effectively crystallize their value propositions, and to measurably identify and build relationships and credibility with the people most likely to buy.
  • Integrated media. The EEA media programs go way beyond advertising offering a unique combination of strategy and story development, content marketing across multiple media platforms (social, web, enewsletter, YouTube video) strategically designed to support sales for solution providers in all areas of engagement and related technology. Properties include ESM at (click here for the media kit) and RRN at for incentive, recognition, reward, technology. and other related suppliers. Click here for the media kit.
  • Targeted business development. The EEA’s Engagement Agency is first to market with a fully integrated content marketing program specifically designed to help organizations build the most measurable marketing program by being able to track actual sales against the people being targeted. Click here for the media kit.
4. Research. In addition to availability for specific areas of independent research for associations and businesses, the EEA specializes in measuring the effectiveness of engagement processes; measuring the cost of disengagement, and helping organizations better map the source of value creation in their organizations. Click here for information. Launched this year, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance's first project is conducting an analysis of and recommendations for the travel industry of the new EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and how it can provide competitive opportunities for people-focused organizations.
Click here to make a referral to the Enterprise Engagement Alliance. Click here for an overview of EEA preferred solution providers; click here for details on enterprise engagement solutions, and here for rewards solutions.
For More Information
Bruce Bolger, Founder
Enterprise Engagement Alliance at
914-591-7600, ext. 230

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Through education, media, business development, advisory services, and outreach, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance supports professionals, educators, organizations, asset managers, investors, and engagement solution providers seeking a competitive advantage by profiting from a strategic and systematic approach to stakeholder engagement across the enterprise. Click here for details on all EEA and ESM media services.

 1. Professional Education on Stakeholder Management and Total Rewards

2. Media

3. Fully Integrated Business Development for Engagement and Total Rewards

Strategic Business Development for Stakeholder Management and Total Rewards solution providers, including Integrated blog, social media, and e-newsletter campaigns managed by content marketing experts.

4. Advisory Services for Organizations

Stakeholder Management Business Plans Human Capital Management, Metrics, and Corporate Sustainability Reporting for organizations, including ISO human capital certifications, and services for solution providers.

5. Outreach in the US and Around the World on Stakeholder Management and Total Rewards

The EEA promotes a strategic approach to people management and total rewards through its e-newsletters, web sites, and social media reaching 20,000 professionals a month and through other activities, such as:
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