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EEA Previews People Value Impact Calculator, Master Measurement Calculator in Jan. 9 Live Webinar

Performance CalculatorThe Enterprise Engagement Alliance of organizations dedicated to better managing and measuring value creation through people has launched two new technology tools to help organizations effectively implement and measure a more holistic approach to stakeholder management and measurement in their enterprises or those of their clients.

Measure a Key and Often Untapped Source of Value Creation—Employees, Customers, Distribution and Supply Chain Partners, and Communities
Easily Correlate Purpose, Goals, Objectives, Results and Impact With Strategies, Tactics, and Engagement Levels By Stakeholder  
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The Enterprise Engagement Alliance and Talent Management Evolution have set a collaborative EEA YouTube show for Tue., Jan. 9 at 1 pm ET to demonstrate two new tools designed to help organizations better measure the impact of stakeholder engagement and related initiatives on organizational purpose, goals, and objectives, including sales, profits, market capitalization, share price, and other organizational goals. Single company licenses come with every EEA Enterprise and Solution Provider membership. 
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The demo will be conducted by Bruce Bolger, Founder of the EEA and Darwin Hanson, Founder of Talent Management Evolution, whose technology powers the platforms. Comments and suggestions welcome. A recorded version will be available on the EEA YouTube channel the following week.  

Measure a Key and Often Untapped Source of Value Creation—Employees, Customers, Distribution and Supply Chain Partners, and Communities  

As part of its mission to implement a strategic and systematic approach to stakeholder management across the enterprise, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance has launched the People Value Impact Calculator (PVIC) and a Master Measurement Calculator to help organizations more accurately correlate people engagement with purpose, goals, and objectives and to easily design and track scientifically based incentive and recognition programs.
The latest Gallup research estimates that low employee engagement costs organizations as much as $8.8 billion per year, with no estimate given for the cost of low customer engagement, another key source of often untracked waste. A recent report by the management consulting firm Protiviti states that profitabilty and reporting analysis rank among the top concerns of CFOs (chief financial officers) in the coming year. In conjunction with compensation and technology company Talent Management Evolution, the EEA is offering a powerful new tool to help organizations rapidly identify new areas of value creation through people by correlating financial and related data with the same information major companies will have to report anyway under the new European Union Corporate Sustainability Directive about employees, customers, supply chain and distribution partners, and communities.
PVIC includes a simple platform for developing and tracking scientifically based incentive and recognition programs following the Master Measurement Model that focus both on the goals and actions necessary to achieve them; to weight them based on organizational goals, and to address the middle 60% as well as the top performers.

Easily Correlate Purpose, Goals, Objectives, Results and Impact With Strategies, Tactics, and Engagement Levels By Stakeholder

By correlating expenditures, results, engagement and impact scores, in multiple ways with easy to read graphs and reports, organizations can use the People Value Impact Calculator (PVIC) to make better compensation, engagement, sales, marketing, and other decisions. This is accomplished by helping them better visualize the actual sources of value creation; better estimate the cost of disengagement on sales, profits, stakeholder experiences, and other goals and objectives; and measure the effectiveness of engagement investments.
An additional feature makes it easy for any organization to create highly measurable engagement efforts using the Master Measurement Model originally created for the Incentive Research Foundation by the American Productivity & Quality Center. It can be quickly and easily used to design, forecast, and actually measure the impact of any type of program to engage any type of customer, sales and non-sales employee, distribution partner, or any effort to engage any stakeholder group.
The Enterprise Engagement Alliance is an organization of companies dedicated to creating new value through people by way of a strategic and systematic approach to engagement across the organization linked to purpose, goals, and objectives. EEA membership includes a complete toolkit of six books and nine video shows updated annually on stakeholder management implementation, along with extensive other free resources.
Also included is an optional single-company license PVIC and Master Measurement Calculators. Multi-company versions, as well as customization, are available to agencies and advisory firms or to large companies with multiple divisions at an additional cost. 
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