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Purpose Summit 2024: Putting Your Organizationís Purpose Into Practice

Purpose SummitGoing on its fifth year, the Purpose Summit brings together leaders in all areas of management seeking to make their organizations a better place to work and do business with, and to make life better for the customers, employees, or other stakeholders they serve.

Refocus and Reignite Your Purpose and That of Your Organization
It’s Lonely at the Top: Build Relationships to Advance Your Mission and Impact
The Purpose Summit celebrates its 5th anniversary April 29 to May 1 at the NASCAR Hall of Fame Camp North End in Charlotte, NC. according to Davin Salvagno, Co-Founder and Executive producer and author of Finding Purpose at Work. Kurt A. David, a keynote and workshop presenter, former professional basketball player, author of multiple books on change and an Emmy-award winning TV host, is co-founder. 

The program summit programs includes keynotes at The Revelry located in Camp North End, and breakout sessions and team-building experiences at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.
David SalvagnoEach year, he says, “The Purpose Summit brings hundreds of for-profit, non-profit, and faith-driven leaders from around the globe together for three powerful days to build better relationships, better leaders, and better organizations, to create a better world.” The primary goal, he says, is to provide leaders at all levels tools they can bring back to their work and people they can call upon for advice.
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Salvagno defines purpose not as the “social” in ESG (environmental, social, governance) but as the organization’s reason for being. “This is not about corporate social responsibility, although that’s part of it. At great organizations, every leader at every level has a complete understanding of why the organization exists; how they can contribute to success, and how they can create an inspiring and enriching environment for the employees or the customers, distribution partners, and supply chain partners or communities they serve. In this way, in fulfilling their purpose, organizations can be a force for good.”  To put purpose into practice, though, “requires more than words on a wall. It has to be built into the processes of leadership across the organization that takes into account the critical inter-relationships and dependences of the people who manage employees, customers, distribution and supply chain partners, communities, and the environment, not to mention the shareholders.”

Refocus and Reignite Your Purpose and That of Your Organization 

For this reason, he says, many organizations now bring leaders in marketing, human resources, finance, or other areas of business to the summit, “because critical to success is alignment. Through our plenary sessions with well-known business leaders and authors and in our breakout and team-building sessions, the focus is on putting purpose into practice and breaking down the siloes that cause so much unhappiness and inefficiencies.” At the last program, he adds, at least one company held a two-day off-site with its management team after the summit to re-evaluate the organization’s purpose and business strategy. 
Observes Garry Ridge, WD40 Chairman Emeritus, and a speaker at this year’s event, “In my 25 years serving in my role as CEO of the WD40 Company, I’ve been to hundreds of leadership conferences across the world, and I’ve never experienced anything as special and impactful as The Purpose Summit.”
Speakers include: Kurt A. David
  • Jon Gordan, 15-Times Best Selling Author and Speaker on Leadership and Business
  • Amber Selking, PhD, Bestselling Author, Founder of Selking Performance Group
  • Davin Salvagno, Bestselling Author, Founder of PurposePoint & The Purpose Summit
  • Kurt David, PurposePoint Co-Founder, Leader and Change Management Author and Expert
  • Garry Ridge, Chairman Emeritus, WD40 Company
  • Mark Whitacre, Vice President Culture & Care Coca-Cola Consolidated, Executive Director of T-Factor
  • Carolyn Sakstrup, Executive Vice President, Chief Growth & Generosity Officer at Thrivent
  • Mboone Umbima, Executive Vice President, Brand Strategy, David Rio Chai & Tea
  • Ron Carucci, Founder of Navalent, Bestselling Author, HBR Contributor
  • Sam Thevanayagam, President and CEO at Parts Life, Inc., DeVal Lifecycle Support, and LC Engineers, Inc.
  • Johan Koornhof, Founder, Be Real Company
  • Kent Chevalier, NFL Chaplain, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Rebecca Homkes, Author, Lecturer & Faculty, London Business School and Duke Corporate Education 
Click here for the full list of speakers, more information, and to register.

Salvagno says he had his epiphany about the importance of purpose and people in his first adult job as an employee at Costco, considered by many to be a model of stakeholder capitalism. Making a store visit, James Sinegal, the founder, walked up to him and after a short greeting asked him, “Where do you see yourself at Costco in 10 years?” Salvagno says it took him a few jobs outside of Costco to understand the significance of that question. Seeking to accelerate his growth, he left Costco after six years to hold human resources and operations management positions at Macy’s, and then CVS Health, and Northwestern Mutual, giving him a chance to experience different cultures and to better appreciate his time at Costco.

It’s Lonely at the Top: Build Relationships to Advance Your Mission and Impact

While personal purpose is also a guiding individual leadership quality, Salvagno says the goal of the Purpose Summit is for leaders in all areas of business, government, not-for-profits, and organizations of faith to take a few days to reassess their own organization’s purpose and how they are instilling it in their own teams in practical and meaningful ways beyond words. “We can quickly lose sight of our purpose as leaders, our vision can become foggy, and our tanks sometimes feel like they are running on empty,” Salvagno explains. “The Purpose Summit provides three days of insight and inspiration to refocus, refuel, and reignite your purpose, individually and organizationally, with a practical game-plan with next steps.”

The event, he underlines, is for all levels of management--anyone who serves customers, employees, distribution and supply chain partners, and communities.
The event is not so much about personal development, he continues, “although that’s part of it. It’s about creating high-performing teams driven by the purpose of your organization and getting an annual refresher on the tools and resources necessary to lead yourself, your people, and your organization with purpose.”  
Leadership can feel lonely, but we were not created to go it alone, Salvagno says. The summit provides an opportunity to “connect and build relationships with other purpose leaders, so as iron sharpens iron, we can sharpen each other to make a greater impact in this world together.”

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