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EEA Marks 13th Anniversary with a Continued Focus on Action to Advance the "S" of ESG

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance was founded in 2008 to advance a strategic and systematic approach to people across the enterprise, otherwise known as the “S” of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG). Founded well before the emergence of  the ESG movement or Stakeholder Capitalism, the EEA has led the way in helping to create a formal roadmap for organizations and solution providers to profit from this emerging formal approach to success in business and to discourage the “bright shiny object” approach that continues to describe most organizational approaches to people management. Here’s a summary of the EEA’s actions to advance the cause of people since it’s formation. 
With employee and customer engagement at all-time lows, and the Stakeholder Capitalism movement on the rise, the need for the services of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance only continues to grow. The EEA is not an association or club—it’s a collective of companies and individuals who believe that coordinated action, outreach, education and professional services are required to advance a strategic and systematic approach to the engagement of people across the enterprise. Because neither employee engagement, or the broader concept of stakeholder engagement, are taught systematically in schools, the EEA is focused on providing companies and investors the knowledge they need to optimize performance through people. Click here for information on membership. 
The Enterprise Engagement Alliance membership and solution provider support programs are for professionals, organizations, and solution providers seeking to advance a serious strategic approach to people management and to ensure that their teams have the training necessary to implement, measure and report upon effective strategies. 
EE for CEOs
Here is what the EEA has accomplished for organizations and people since its formation:
1. Development of a formal curriculum on stakeholder engagement implementation embodied in two books:  “Enterprise Engagement—The Roadmap,” now in its fifth edition, and Enterprise Engagement for CEOs—The Little Blue Book for People Centric Capitalists.” 
2. The EEA has created what may be the only education syllabus for schools and organizations seeking to educate people on a strategic and systematic approach to engaging people across the enterprise.
3. The only self-learning video learning program for EEA members only on all aspects of engagement across the enterprise, including employees, customers, and distribution partners; human capital reporting, and ROI processes. 
4. The launch of the field’s comprehensive knowledge management library with over 30 video programs addressing all areas of stakeholder engagement featuring nearly 100 experts in all aspects of engagement, as well as a growing library of information resources
5. Assistance with the development of education programs for chambers of commerce and other business groups and for more formal training on human capital management for the Conference Board, whose members consist of executives at some of the largest businesses in the world. 
EE Roadmap
6. The creation of the formal process for developing or assessing human capital reporting or strategies based on ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards 30414 for human capital reporting and 10018 for people engagement now being used both by companies to create more effective management and reporting strategies. 
7. The creation of the Engagement Agency, an advisory firm and managed outsourcing business to help both organizations and solution providers profit from engagement, with a blue-chip advisory board of senior engagement experts and solutions to help organizations address all aspects of engagement. We have helped dozens of companies update their stories, services, and capabilities to offer more ROI-based solutions for their clients as opposed to the bright-shiny object approach that remains prevalent.
8. Created the first US certification program for ISO 30414 and ISO 10018 standards. 
9. Developed a formal education program on the ROI of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, first presented to the fellows of CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, representing over 120 of the nation’s largest companies. 

10. Created the only online news and information platform on Enterprise Engagement at EnterpriseEngagement.orgupdated every week with news and information, and the marketplace and resource center

11. The launch of the Brand Media Coalition, dedicated to helping companies benefit from the story-telling power of brands in their corporate gifting, incentive, and recognition programs, including an extensive and growing library of information resources on rewards, recognition, and gifting.
12. The recent launch of the Brand Engagement Event with EME Meetings and 365-day-a-year digital information and learning resource specifically designed to create a new distribution channel for engagement services through the top 5% of promotional products distributors increasingly broadening their services. 
For More Information
Bruce Bolger, Founder
Enterprise Engagement Alliance
914-591-7600, ext. 230

Master the “S” of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG), A.k.a. Stakeholder Capitalism
The Enterprise Engagement Alliance at is the world’s first and only organization that focuses on outreach, certification and training, and advisory services to help organizations achieve their goals by fostering the proactive involvement of all stakeholders. This includes customers, employees, distribution and supply chain partners, and communities, or anyone connected to an organization’s success.
Training and Thought Leadership 
  • Founded in 2008, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance provides outreach, learning and certification in Enterprise Engagement, an implementation process for the “S” or Social of Stakeholder Capitalism and Human Capital Management and measurement of engagement across the organization.
  • The Enterprise Engagement Alliance provides a training and certification program for business leaders, practitioners, and solution providers, as well as executive briefings and human capital gap analyses for senior leaders.
  • The EEA produces an education program for CFOs for the CFO.University training program on Human Capital Management.
  • Join the EEA to become a leader in the implementation of the “S” of ESG and Stakeholder Capitalism. 
Engagement Digital Media and Marketplaces
Video Learning
The EEA Human Capital Management and ROI of Engagement YouTube channel features a growing library of 30- to 60-minute panel discussions with leading experts in all areas of engagement and total rewards.
Enterprise Engagement Advisory Services 
The Engagement Agency helps:
  • Organizations of all types develop strategic Stakeholder Capitalism and Enterprise Engagement processes and human capital management and reporting strategies; conduct human capital gap analyses; design and implement strategic human capital management and reporting plans that address DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), and assist with managed outsourcing of engagement products and services.
  • Human resources, sales and marketing solution providers profit from the emerging discipline of human capital management and ROI of engagement through training and marketing services.
  • Investors make sense of human capital reporting by public companies.
  • Buyers and sellers of companies in the engagement space or business owners or buyers who seek to account for human capital in their mergers and acquistions
For more information: Contact Bruce Bolger at or call 914-591-7600, ext. 230.
Assistance with the development of formal training on human capital management for the Conference Board, whose members consist of executives at some of the largest businesses in the world. 
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