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Tech Firm Releases First ISO 30414 Verified Human Capital Report Amid a War

A technology company that employs both Russians and Ukrainians worked for a year to create a formal, ISO-30414 verified human capital report to demonstrate its commitment to its employees across Eastern Europe and elsewhere, only to face war in Ukraine, where one-third of the company’s employees live and work and where many of its Russian employees have friends and family.
When Ivan Linko, CEO of JetRuby, decided to create a formal human capital report last year, he never imagined the prospect of war. With a mission to provide offshore Eastern European application development talent to the US, the company’s developers, including Russians and Ukrainians, have worked together for years across the borders of nations throughout Eastern Europe and elsewhere. 
reportClick here for a copy of the report, which is being updated to discuss how the company is addressing the safety, mental and physical wellbeing, and engagement of its employees across borders. 
Instead of celebrating the recent receipt of the first ISO 30414 certification for a technology company, independently verified by David Simmonds of HCM Metrics, himself one of the first auditors certified in ISO 30414 practices, Linko must cope with the multi-faceted concerns of Western clients and disaffected and dislocated Ukrainian employees. Fortunately, Linko says, Jetruby is a US company with a US bank. 
The entire process was conducted before the war, which Linko admits he did not anticipate. “We have built our business based on cooperation between Russians, Ukrainians, and many others across Eastern Europe, and other countries, because that is our great strength. We are working diligently to keep our employees across all borders working during these difficult times. Thankfully, those customers and Ukrainian employees who know us are standing behind us. It’s our commitment to people that will be our best hope of recovering quickly after these challenging times.” 
Linko founded JetRuby 12 years ago specifically to bring the talent of Eastern European developers to Western companies. He says his company’s advantages include the ability to offer talent at a lower cost than available in the West, a natural cultural and business process affinity, and a more convenient time zone than other offshore options. Based on his belief that his continued growth depends on attracting and retaining talent, the need to recruit and effectively manage remote-working engineers, and the demands of major and startup Western companies relying on his company to help launch new applications, he worked with his company’s Chief Human Resources Officer Svetlana Goryushkina to develop a strategic and systematic accounting of its human capital practices and metrics across the enterprise. 
The purpose of the report, he says, is to demonstrate his company’s commitment to a systematic approach to addressing the needs of all stakeholders; the methods used to achieve those goals, and the metrics by which these actions are measured. It is used as a reporting tool for management, and a recruitment tool for customers and employees, says Linko. 
To create its human capital management plan and report, the company used the ISO 30414 roadmap and certification created by the International Center for Enterprise Engagement to address all stakeholders: Employee, Customer, Community, and Supply Chain stakeholders. Unlike the few other ISO 30414 certifications available, ICEE incorporates elements of ISO 10018 People Engagement stakeholders to account for customers, distribution and supply chain parties, and communities, as well as employees. 
See ESM: Case Study Part 1: The Shift to a Human Capital Management Strategy for background on JetRuby’s efforts.
The JetRuby human capital management report highlights the specific purpose, methodologies, and metrics used to manage JetRuby’s relationships with all stakeholders, and actions being taken in the following categories: 
1. Leadership
2. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
3. Occupational Health and Safety
4. Organizational Culture
5. Productivity
6. Skills and Capabilities  
7. Recruitment and Adaptation
8. Employee Bench Strength, Mobility, Turnover 
9. Customer Engagement
10. Supply Chain and Channel Partners
11.  Community Engagement
1. Costs
2. Compliance
3. Workforce Availability
The JetRuby human capital report follows the same framework as ISO standards so that its practices can be compared with those of others willing to disclose their human capital management practices. 
Linko says he had hoped to celebrate the release of this report, the culmination of a 12-year commitment to building his business through people. Instead, he must focus on applying those principles to the company’s greatest challenge. 
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