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EEA and 4C GROUP, Germany, Announce Collaboration on ISO Human Capital Reporting

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance at, a leading learning, certification, and outreach organization based in Tarrytown, NY, and the 4C Management Consulting Group in Munich have announced a collaboration to promote the use of the ISO 30414 Human Capital Reporting and ISO 10018 People Engagement Standards to help organizations develop meaningful human capital management strategies, reporting, and ROI-based practices.
In order to help organizations transform human capital into a profit center and to implement more effective stakeholder management practices, two leaders in stakeholder and performance management in the US and the European Union have joined forces to promote a strategic and systematic approach to helping organizations enhance performance through people based on the frameworks of ISO standards 30414 Human Capital Reporting and ISO 10018 People Engagement standards. 
Under the collaboration, 4C GROUP Management Consulting will incorporate the use of ISO-based Human Capital Reporting framework developed by the Enterprise Engagement for its own advisory services in the European Union. The services include facilitation of human capital business plan development, gap analyses, strategy implementation, internal and external reporting, managed outsourcing, as well analyses of the human capital reporting practices of publicly held European companies. 
See below for specific examples of the services provided as part of this collaboration. 
4C GROUP Management Consulting, founded in 1997, is a specialist “in leadership, performance and transformation management and thereby contributes substantially to coping with the fundamental economic and social disruption in organizations.” It’s mission, "enforcing performance," stands for precise implementation and sustainable change with a measurable bottom-line impact. The company says it enables companies to consistently drive their strategies and change management with cross-functional excellence to address the needs of all stakeholders in performance management, technology, digital innovation, human resources, and compliance.
Dr Heiko MautererAs part of the cooperation, Dr. Heiko Mauterer, who served on the ISO working group that created the ISO 30414 standards, will uphold the integrity of the standards as well as provide auditing and implementation services related to the ISO standards. He will serve on the ICEE management team of the International Center for Enterprise Engagement at, which certifies management and companies in ISO 30414 and ISO 10018 practices. 
Observes Dr. Mauterer, “As someone who comes from general management, and not human resources, I’m drawn to the way the Enterprise Engagement Alliance has brought together the essence of two ISO standards to address the needs of all interested parties in the spirit of sharing that is the culture of ISO. By collaborating, we can help better educate management of the benefits of a strategic and systematic approach to creating new, more sustainable returns for their shareholders by creating more value for all their stakeholders. This isn’t about compliance. This is first and foremost a customer and talent acquisition, retention, and performance strategy. That ISO standards make it easier to conduct gap analyses, create formal plans, and compare the practices and reporting of different companies for the benefit of investors in an auditable manner are just added benefits.” 
Explains Bolger, “This cross-Atlantic collaboration reinforces the validity of the ISO framework to help organizations enhance performance through people using the same approach that helped transform quality in manufacturing, and it provides both our organizations the means to scale our respective practices. Given that only about 5% of companies have a strategic stakeholder management process tied to their business plans and bottom lines, and are thereby leaving money on the table, it’s beneficial to have international collaborators.”
ISO, the International Organization for Standardization) was formed at the end of World War II to help create a systematic approach to the reconstruction of Europe to ensure effective inter-country commerce and communications. It published the ISO 9000/1 standards that helped enhance quality in manufacturing in 1987. Starting in the 2000s, ISO began to develop standards to address the issue of people engagement in over 60 standards in a framework known as Annex SL, which calls for each standard to include processes that address the needs of all interested parties. Later, in the 2010s, ISO working group 260 was formed to create formal standards for human resources. It has since published over a dozen standards and guidelines in people management, including ISO 30414 human capital management reporting standards. ISO 10018 People Engagement standards come from the same working group that manages ISO 9001 quality standards. 
See below for articles in Engagement Strategies Media that provide specific examples of the services offered under this collaboration. 
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