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Commonsense Direct Marketing

This is for anyone whose business depends on direct marketing. Particularly useful are the chapters concerning the agency/client relationship.... [ read more ]

Power Talk: Using Language to Build Authority and Influence

Power Talk looks at the power of the spoken word in the business world. With the two basic modes of communications (language from the center, and language from the edge) as the jumping point, author McGinty explores what it takes to be a leader and how language is a key role in that process.... [ read more ]

Compensation for Teams: How to Design and Implement Team-Based Reward Programs

Managers looking for a team approach will find particular satisfaction here. The author looks at the critical issue of aligning an organization's compensation, culture, and strategy, and then delves into the steps involved with designing and implementing team-based reward systems. Chapters cover such issues as incentive compensation, recognition awards, and the architecture of team pay.... [ read more ]

Lessons from the Heart of American Business: A Roadmap for Managers in the 21st Century

Lessons from the Heart of American Business is the story behind author Gerald Greenwald and the Ford Motor Company. Here, one of the most successful corporate leaders tells aspiring managers how they can achieve consensus, build partnerships, react to crisis, and steer a corporation through good times and bad. Drawing from personal experiences, Greenwald writes for anyone holding or looking to hold a managing position.... [ read more ]

Publicity for Nonprofits: Generating Media Exposure That Leads to Awareness, Growth, and Contributions

Publicity for Nonprofits explains the ways to capture the public's attention with successful publicity strategies geared specifically for nonprofit organizations. You'll learn how to great an affordable publicity plan that integrates goals, objectives, and key strategies. You'll also learn how to determine which tools and strategies will have the biggest impact on your goals as well as develop and pitch newsworthy stories with powerful messages that will capture media attention. Perfect for any manager in a nonprofit organization.... [ read more ]

Event Entertainment and Production

Event Entertainment and Production is a complete guide to producing entertainment for every event. Gives you the tools you need to efficiently produce and manage the right entertainment for any event. This guide shows you how to work within a budget, limit risks associated with entertainment, design, plan, and produce entertainment, and work with performers. This book is perfect for any event planner.... [ read more ]

Knowledge Management and Virtual Organizations

This book distills the knowledge of leading experts and the experience of several international companies that have implemented knowledge management programs.This book synthesizes the latest knowledge and practices of these individuals and organizations to push the envelope for business relevance of knowledge management.... [ read more ]

Trillion-Dollar Moms: Marketing to a New Generation of Mothers

"Trillion-Dollar Moms" is a book that shares insights into the single largest consumer group today: moms. With mothers in the United States spending roughly $1.7 trillion annually, it makes them a worthwhile group to focus marketing campaigns on. This book covers the differences and similarities among mothers of different generations, how mothers process and recieve marketing messages, identifying the right mom-market target for you brand, and much more.... [ read more ]

Knowledge Management Fieldbook

Actually a tactical handbook, this book provides a blueprint for setting up, managing, and exploiting a knowledge management system within an organization.... [ read more ]

How to Motivate People: The Team Strategy for Success

How to Motivate People explains the principles of successful motivation through author, Tarkenton's, P.R.I.C.E (Pinpointing, Recording, Invovlement, Consequences, Evaluation) program. This book shows you how to identify motivational stumbling blacks, track performance levels, inspire participation in setting goals and achieving objectives, plus much more.... [ read more ]

Strategic Incentive Program Design

The first formal curriculum ever developed for incentive program planning. This four-part curriculum and seminar course has been developed with the help of the Performance Improvement Council of the Incentive Marketing Association through a grant from the Advertising Specialty Institute. The textbook includes sections on Incentive Program Basics for the Business Executive; Core Strategies for the Business Executive; Planning and Design Considerations for the Practitioner; and Implementation and Management Considerations for the Practitioner.... [ read more ]

Managing Knowledge: Building Blocks for Success

Taking a building-block approach, this book helps managers to understand the complexities of knowledge management and provides guidelines for charting a path forward. Based on many years of research and experience, the ideas presented in Managing Knowledge result from intensive collaboration with major organizations including Daimler-Chrysler, Deutsche Bank, Motorola, Novartis, Roche Diagnostics, Siemens, Hewlett Packard and Xerox. ... [ read more ]

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