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Fund Raising With Golf - Organizing and Conducting a Successful Fund Raising Golf Event

Here is a guidebook that will assist everyone involved in planning, organizing, and running a fund raising or charity golf event. This book provides a wealth of ideas and information for producing a successful golf tournament. Topics covered include: getting started, partnerships, themes, formats, pre-tournament planning, selecting sites and dates, insurance, sponsorship, prizes, volunteers, budgets, registration, tournament day set up, tabulating and displaying tournament results, the awards ceremony, how to organize peripheral activities, auctions, bake sales, clinics, fashion shows, banquets, putting contests, and much more. Ensure your next golf event is a success story with the ideas contained here. ... [ read more ]

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Golf

McGann, a veteran of the LPGA Tour, has written an indispensable book that covers everything from the rules of the game and how to swing a golf club to how to conduct business on the greens. There's a glossary of golfing terms and a chapter on golf publications and organizations.... [ read more ]

Engageonomics: Harnessing the Power of Engaged Employees, Why Companies Get It Wrong

According to Gallup, lost productivity of actively disengaged employees costs the North American economy $500 billion annually, and 75 percent of the current workforce is disengaged at their job and are just putting in time until the economy turns around or they can afford to retire! To combat this staggering challenge, an emerging practice called EngageonomicsTM, which is both an art and a science discipline, is evolving to empower organizations to better understand their dynamic workforce's changing behaviors and motivators while harnessing the power of engaged employees.... [ read more ]

The Wisdom of Harvey Penick

This is the collected writings of Harvey Penick, the closest thing to a philosopher golf has ever had. A renowned teacher of golf who died in 1995, Penick wrote the seminal "Harvey Penick's Little Red Book". One can glean lessons about golf--and life--from Penick's words.... [ read more ]

Promotional Products—The Key Ingredient to Integrated Marketing: How Promotional Products, Print and Television Advertising Impact Consumer Perception

Many traditional forms of advertising and promotion are losing ground to newer media. This trend presents opportunities for the promotional products medium. However, very little research exists documenting the effectiveness of promotional products when compared to and combined with other traditional forms of advertising such as television and print.... [ read more ]

The Global Brand: How to Create and Develop Lasting Brand Value in the World Market

Rapid advances in modern technology present companies with quickly expanding marketing opportunities, but they also create an over-saturated business landscape that both helps and hurts brands. In this thorough investigation of brand strength in today's business world, Nigel Hollis draws on his experience at Millward Brown to present a simple formula for determining brand strength based on two axes, Presence (or familiarity) and Voltage (or marketing appeal), to illustrate the market value and performance of brands. He analyzes the five steps of customer commitment to a strong brand--Presence, Relevance, Performance, Advantage, and Bonding. Finally, Hollis emphasizes human nature as a set of constant core values that all brands should appeal to, and analyzes the future of brand-building as a profitable investment.... [ read more ]


Give your students the edge in the marketplace--the ability to understand and manage the process of innovation and new product development, the force driving today's economy. This book introduces a strategic, results-oriented program that helps students understand how to develop and foster an innovation mindset among everyone in an organization. It discusses how to overcome the aversion to risk that typically impedes the innovation process, along with techniques on how to link innovation to corporate strategies.... [ read more ]

The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business

There is a competitive advantage out there, arguably more powerful than any other. Is it superior strategy? Faster innovation? Smarter employees? No, New York Times best-selling author, Patrick Lencioni, argues that the seminal difference between successful companies and mediocre ones has little to do with what they know and how smart they are and more to do with how healthy they are. In this book, Lencioni brings together his vast experience and many of the themes cultivated in his other best-selling books and delivers a first: a cohesive and comprehensive exploration of the unique advantage organizational health provides. Simply put, an organization is healthy when it is whole, consistent and complete, when its management, operations and culture are unified. Healthy organizations outperform their counterparts, are free of politics and confusion and provide an environment where star performers never want to leave. ... [ read more ]

High-Maintenance Employees: Why Your Best People Will Also Be Your Most Difficult...and What You Can Do about It

High-Maintenance Employees is the first book to give managers detailed guidance on how to get the best out of high-maintenance high-performers--visionary employees who are difficult to keep on track. Kathi Graham-Leviss has spent the last 20 years coaching companies on how to improve their results, and realized that the No. 1 problem facing companies was how to manage these essential employees.... [ read more ]

Zilch: How Businesses and Not-for-Profits Can Get More Bang with Less Buck

The CEO of Do Something explains what big businesses can-and should-learn from not-for-profits. Tough times have forced businesses to slash their headcount, marketing budgets, and other resources. Managers at small start-ups and Fortune 100 companies alike are now expected to do more with less-but how? No one is more qualified to answer that question than the leaders who always thrive on a shoestring. Nancy Lublin, CEO of Do Something and founder of Dress for Success, draws on her experiences as well as interviews with other "rock star" leaders of flourishing not-for- profits to show how to succeed with any size budget, staff, or network.... [ read more ]

Quantum Leap Thinking

Positive change can happen in sudden and profound leaps. Quantum Leap Thinking provides the foundation for breakthrough thinking that will trigger astonishing growth in your personal and professional life.... [ read more ]

3 Off the Tee: Targeting Success: Develop the Right Business Attitude to be Successful in the Workplace

Whether or not you have ever played a round of golf, 3 Off the Tee: Targeting Success, by business wunderkind Lorii Myers, takes you from the first hole through to the eighteenth to teach you how to make the most out of your business life and play the corporate game successfully. 3 Off the Tee focuses on learning to develop the right attitude and a smart work ethic. It's about your life in the workplace and making every day count. Do you know how to communicate fairly? Have you built an image that exudes confidence, is positive, and instills trust in others? Do you know how to break down barriers at the office? Whether it's day one on the job or decades into your career, Myers shows you how to develop a winning attitude, face your challenges head on, and make the most of your strengths. No matter the environment or how competitive the field, 3 Off the Tee will have you feeling challenged, inspired, and ready to take on the corporate world.... [ read more ]

Selling to Big Companies

"Selling to Big Companies" shows how to target accounts with the highest likelihood of success, find the names of prospects who can use your offering, and most importantly, get your company on the map. This book is good for entrepreneure in any industry.... [ read more ]

Leadership IS for Everyone: Ignite Your Performance & Fuel Your Success

Until now, leadership has always been viewed as the purview of a select few - it seems to be more about the "what" these leaders want their subjects to do, rather than the "how-to." That's a mistake, says Vinay Nadig. In this persuasive and pragmatic new book, Vinay makes a case that (a) leadership is accessible to anyone and (b) leadership is a set of sustainable daily behaviors. He lays out a practical and instantly usable "leadership launch platform" in the form of 20 Leadership Secrets or techniques. These 20 secrets are the foundation of leadership as a way of life - the only real way to perform at an exceptional level. ... [ read more ]

High Performance Marketing: Bringing Method to the Madness of Marketing

High Performance Marketing is a guide for businesses who are facing a fundamental shift in marketing that involves information resources, organizational structures, technology, and communication. With interviews with Fortune 500 companies and a number of anecdotes and statistics, this book is perfect for any person in a leadership position.... [ read more ]

The Horizontal Organization : What the Organization of the Future Actually Looks Like and How it Delivers Value to Customers

The vertical/functional hierarchy has been the mainstay of business since the industrial revolution. But it has its problems. In fact, the vertical design all but guarantees fragmented tasks, overspecialization, fiefdoms, turf wars, the urge to control from the top--all the negatives that foster organizational paralysis. In The Horizontal Organization, Frank Ostroff provides executives with the first truly viable alternative to the age-old vertical alignment. Indeed, he offers nothing less than the first full view of what the organization of the future looks like and how it works.... [ read more ]

Loyalty 3.0

Once revolutionary, loyalty programs designed to differentiate products quickly became commoditized. And yet, billions of dollars are still spent every year on programs that are doomed to fail. These programs, it turns out, don't inspire long-term loyalty. Once a better deal comes along, customers will gladly defect. Can you blame them? Silicon Valley start-up Bunchball, the pioneer and innovator in gamification, is light years ahead when it comes to the concept of loyalty--and using it to drive business profits and growth. Focusing not only on customer loyalty, but also the loyalty of employees and partners, Bunchball combines behavioral economics, big data, social media, and gamification to inspire loyalty that lasts--from everyone involved in the success of a business.... [ read more ]

Go-Givers Sell More

With their national bestseller The Go-Giver, Bob Burg and John David Mann took the business world by storm, showing that giving is the most fulfilling and effective path to success. That simple, profound story has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers around the world-but some have wondered how its lessons stand up to the tough challenges of everyday real-world business. Now Burg and Mann answer that question in Go-Givers Sell More, a practical guide that makes giving the cornerstone of a powerful and effective approach to selling. ... [ read more ]

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