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Managing Sales Leads: How To Turn Every Prospect into a Customer

Managing Sales Leads offers a sure fire way to increase sales. It teacehs you to convert more inquiries into orders and give your salespeople and dealers many more qualified sales leads, spend more sales time closing orders and less time sinning your wheels, and shorten selling cycles and generate more orders when you need to. ... [ read more ]

Building the High Performance Sales Force

Building the High Performance Sales Forces illustrates a clear cut way for salespeople to maneuver in the new era, balance people and profits, introduce self-manargement, implement total quality selling, take advantage of sales management tools, and grow sales despite harsh competition. This book also a 120-Day Improvement Plan which outlines ways to strengthen your sales force. ... [ read more ]

Customer Equity: Building and Managing Relationships As Valuable Assets

The authors explain the strategies and tactics that make customer equity management work. They outline customer equity's three core strategies: customer acquisition, customer retention, and add-on selling. With very detailed how-to chapters this book is good for any business person looking to strengthen the bond between them and their customers.... [ read more ]

1001 Ways to Reward Employees

Helps managers take certain rewards and mold them into new management styles at their companies. The author polled companies about their favorite recognition practices, no matter how small, and came up with a gold mine.... [ read more ]

301 Ways to Have Fun at Work

This book present hundreds of methods and activities that incorporate fun in an organization's work: hiring, training sessions, meetings, communications, awards, and teamwork. The authors asked successful businesspeople worldwide if fun played a part in their corporate culture--and, if so, how it was actually manifested in everyday life.... [ read more ]

Principles of Results-Based Incentive Program Design

Based on the Incentive Marketing Association's Principles Of Results-Based Incentive Program Design Seminar, this is the first formal curriculum ever developed for incentive program planning. The textbook includes sections on Incentive Program Basics for the Business Executive, Core Strategies for the Business Executive, Planning and Design Considerations for the Practitioner, and Implementation and Management Considerations for the Practitioner.... [ read more ]

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