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Activity-Based Management: A Comprehensive Implementation Gude

Activity-Based Management shows how to transform an organization from a traditional hierarchical structure to one that is activity-based. This hands-on resource provides guidance on the planning, organizational, and implementation phases of a total activity-based program, which has proved successful at companies like AT&T.... [ read more ]

Sales Automation: Concepts, Justification, Planning, and Implementation

Sales Automation is guide to the implementation of automated technology-based systems for any company selling a product. It shows sales, marketing, and information systems executives how to use technology to increase the effectiveness of their sales and marketing personnel as well as increasing their profits.... [ read more ]

The Art of Closing Any Deal : How to Be a Master Closer in Everything You Do

"The Art of Closing Any Deal" gives salespeople specific, on-target advice to become "master closers". It outlines ways to identify customer types, control and conquer buyers, and make the "opponenet" feel like he's coming out the winner. With twenty deadly closing tips that will make people buy, this book is helpful for beginners and veterans, alike.... [ read more ]

Which? Who? What? Why Award Selection is Critical to Driving Engagement

Each year in the United States, organizations spend tens of billions of dollars on cash and non-cash rewards for consumer, distributor, sales and employee incentive programs –merchandise, gift cards, group and individual travel programs, time off, cash, etc. But few organizations invest the necessary time to understand which rewards should be used for which people to encourage what outcomes... [ read more ]

How to Turn Customer Service into Customer Sales

How to Turn Customer Service into Customer Sales is a complete handbook to improving your company's customer service. With its step-by-step procedures and easy to follow instructions, this book is beneficial for anyone who deals with research, hiring, training, execution, and follow-up within their company.... [ read more ]

Incentives in Marketing & Motivation

A comprehensive text on the incentive marketplace. The content is illustrated and includes numerous case studies that reveal the breadth and potential of the incentive marketplace.... [ read more ]

How to Drive Your Competition Crazy: Creating Disruption for Fun and Profit

How to Drive Your Competition Crazy is for any entrepeneur, small business owner, independent relatiler, not for profit crusader, marketer, or business traveler who is looking to get a competative edge and get ahead of their competition. With real-life examples with companys like Haagen-Dazs and Sears, this book is perfect for any company looking to crush their competitors. ... [ read more ]

Secrets of a Successful Recognition System

This short book provides a simple program designed especially for companies trying to break down barriers between management and a union. Based on the importance of thanking employees, the book provides some practical ideas, but its approach seems a bit simplistic for complex labor-management issues.... [ read more ]

The Anatomy of Buzz: How To Create Word of Mouth Marketing

"The Anatomy of Buzz" explores the most powerful form of marketing: word of mouth. With over 150 interviews from executives, marketing leaders, and major researchers, the author discusses proven techniques for stimulating customer-to-customer selling. This book is indespensible for any company or salesperson looking to market a new product or increase sales on already existing ones.... [ read more ]

Motivating Employees

This book reveals how Southwest Airlines, Walt Disney Co., Ben & Jerry's, and other companies have turned themselves into "motivating organizations" that inspire employees to do excellent work.... [ read more ]

Managing Sales Leads: How To Turn Every Prospect into a Customer

Managing Sales Leads offers a sure fire way to increase sales. It teacehs you to convert more inquiries into orders and give your salespeople and dealers many more qualified sales leads, spend more sales time closing orders and less time sinning your wheels, and shorten selling cycles and generate more orders when you need to. ... [ read more ]

Building the High Performance Sales Force

Building the High Performance Sales Forces illustrates a clear cut way for salespeople to maneuver in the new era, balance people and profits, introduce self-manargement, implement total quality selling, take advantage of sales management tools, and grow sales despite harsh competition. This book also a 120-Day Improvement Plan which outlines ways to strengthen your sales force. ... [ read more ]

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