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Dave Ulrich on the State of Effective Human Resources Management: EEA YouTube Show, Nov. 6, 1 PM Eastern

Published: Oct 30, 2023

Three years have passed since David Ulrich helped kick off the Enterprise Engagement Alliance YouTube insight and how-to shows on effective stakeholder management across the enterprise. He shared information on the business operating model his RBL Institute has developed to help human resources move from a sunk cost to a source of value creation. Ulrich returns to the EEA YouTube show for an update on his mission. ... [ read more ]

Opinion: Why Stakeholder Capitalists Stay Out of Politics

Published: Oct 30, 2023

One major fallacy that came out of the anti-woke and anti-ESG campaigns over the last few years is the notion that stakeholder capitalism calls for organizations to get involved with political and social issues outside the purpose, goals, and objectives of an organization. This is a distortion that arose when the Business Roundtable made its pronouncement that organizations should address the needs of all stakeholders and when Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, declared his support for stakeholder capitalism principles without ever defining what that meant. ... [ read more ]

Will the SEC Follow Investor Advisory Committee Recommendation to Beef Up Human Capital Disclosures?

Published: Oct 23, 2023

While the buzz continues in the relatively small world human capital management community that the Securities and Exchange Commission will add several quantitative metrics to the recently updated SK-10 disclosure requirements, the SEC has its hands full with environmental disclosures. In the meantime, a recent Conference Board analysis of proxy efforts finds an overall increase in both ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and anti-ESG efforts, but a decline in support for both. ... [ read more ]

Get Ready for Dubious ISO 30414 Certification Claims

Published: Oct 2, 2023

As the concept of audited human capital reporting as a marketing tool begins to take hold in some parts of the world, the risk of unverifiable ISO 30414 auditing claims risks costing unwitting companies significant sums to produce essentially meaningless reports. This article is designed to help organizations worldwide determine the value of the auditing services being provided. ... [ read more ]

Opinion: US Labor Strife Signals Inefficiency of Shareholder, Top Management Focus

Published: Oct 2, 2023

It has always fascinated me that nations that pride themselves on the social foundation of a democratic system run their economic system like an autocracy. This is highlighted by the recent settlement of the five-month-old writers strike and United Auto Workers strike against the automotive companies. The enormous waste associated with these strikes highlights the profound failure of capitalism to reward the true source of value creation and the high price we pay for failure to address this obvious imbalance. ... [ read more ]

Effective Practices: How Stakeholder Capitalism Would Address the UAW-Management Relationship

Published: Sep 25, 2023

The shareholders of the automotive companies as well as all their stakeholders will suffer a severe blow from the current strike, belying the notion that shareholder capitalism is efficient. Here’s how mature labor-management relationships can prevent such issues in the future based in part on stakeholder management principles and insights from two recent EEA YouTube Shows on the potential future of productive labor-management relationships. ... [ read more ]

Survey Finds Americans Just Fine With ESG

Published: Sep 25, 2023

Despite the retreat of some executives and organizations from using the term ESG (environmental, social, governance) because of political pushback, this survey finds that Americans do not share the concerns. ... [ read more ]

The Overlooked Art and Science of Job Design

Published: Sep 17, 2023

Two experts on how to design more meaningful jobs at any level of the organization share their expertise on an Enterprise Engagement Alliance YouTube Show: The Overlooked Art and Science of Job Design. ... [ read more ]

The 2008 Empirical Study Linking Employee and Customer Engagement to Profitability

Published: Sep 13, 2023

This study by the Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement in 2008 analyzed 100 companies in the media industry, including over 5,600 employees, 269 manager groups, and responses from 37,000 consumers, and the financial results of the companies to identify not only the connection between employee and customer engagement and profitability but also the factors that lead to greater employee and customer engagement. ... [ read more ]

Anti-ESG Backlash Forces Healthy Focus on Value Creation Instead of Greenwashing

Published: Sep 5, 2023

Over the last few months, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink tells associates he is no longer using the term ESG (environmental, social, governance) and McDonalds recently reduces mention of the term from its web site. Does this mean the end of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) or a healthy focus on how a strategic focus on sustainability creates value rather than fodder for glossy corporate sustainability reports read or believed by few. Ironically, right wing efforts actually could reduce efforts to curb ESG could actually lead to less transparency. ... [ read more ]

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